The Facts About Skin Tags

Skin tags, whatEducation books - Dermatology are they?  It is a condition where a small area of skin flaps or protrudes, so why is it important to understand the facts about skin tags?

Take a look:


  • What to Skin Tags Look Like?  –  Initially they can appear as raised bumps and develop into a stalk of skin.
  • Where Do They Appear?  – Skin tags can appear on the body or face and are particularly common where there is skin friction, such as in the underarm, groin, neck or breasts.
  • Are They Infectious?  – Medically, skin tags are completely harmless. They are not infectious at all but are a relatively common condition.
  • What Problems Do Skin Tags Cause? – While they are not medically a concern, many skin tags can cause irritation, especially from rubbing or catching on clothing.  Facial skin tags can cause embarrassment by appearing on the eyelids or neck.
  • How Can Skin Tags Be Removed?  – Skin tags can be removed relatively quickly and painlessly by cryotherapy (freezing), laser treatment or surgical excision by a Beverly Hills dermatologist that  has plenty of experience of the procedure.

The removal of skin tags is a relatively simple procedure, but should be done by a medical dermatologist. The Kopelson Clinic can easily and painlessly remove skin tags without scar formation.

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