The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three.

It’s more than just a comedy standard, or a morbid way to describe celebrity deaths that occur quickly in threes. That’s right, it’s actually something very positive that can help you maintain a healthy weight while ensuring the maximum amount of nutrients. This simple rule will not only help with your weight, but your cholesterol, blood pressure, and energy. Furthermore, you will be able to impress with a trim, gorgeous glow.

In this case, the Rule of Three is called the The 3 Finger Rule. Simply put, it means you need a source of lean protein, good carbs, and an just a bit of unsaturated fat.

An example of this would be a meal that consisted of a small portion of grass fed beef, a fresh fruit and vegetable, plus a handful of almonds.

If you follow this rule by Dr. Perricone four to five times a day, your body will run efficiently.