The Secrets to Sculpted Brows

Thick and stroneyeg, thin and sculpted, or somewhere in between, perfectly groomed brows frame the eyes and face.  A quick change to their shape can instantly take years off your appearance and make you look that much younger and better.

Read this article on how you can transform your brows from boring to ultra dramatic: The Secrets to Sculpted Brows

As we age, the eyebrow line can begin to sag which is caused by a loss of fat and collagen.  This makes it hard to shape your brows to give you that fabulous look.  There are injectable fillers that can help eliminate the sagging brow.  Botox and Dysport are great to help elevate the brows and have hyaluronic acid fillers to help restore volume and give those brows lift.

When administered by an experienced Beverly Hills dermatologist, side effects are rare and patients, in most cases, undergo treatment without incident.  Physicians that have been trained extensively in the nerves and muscles of facial expression are Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.  A patient is certainly in safer hands when in the Dermatologist’s or Plastic Surgeon’s exam chair.

The more patients seen, the more experience the injector has, the less untoward effects occur.  Often, a patient will come in to see our doctors to correct problems they developed from receiving these treatments elsewhere, attempting to save money.  We are more expensive; but we are more well trained.

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