Thighs: When Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough

Age, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and poor lifestyle choices such as not exercising affect all shapes and sizes of women. One area that seems especially vulnerable to extra fat in women: the thighs. When women carry extra weight in this area, it often contributes to a bottom heavy look that is hard to hide with fashion. And let’s face it: none of us want to spend our lives in hiding.

There is not just one area for fat accumulation on the thighs. Extra fat on the outside of the thighs forms “saddlebags”, which means pants always look too tight. Extra fat on the inside of the thighs feels just awful. It can lead to rashes from the thighs rubbing together when you walk. Neither of these situations need to remain ongoing, that’s for sure. Many women do conquer thigh fat through diet and exercise, but those remedies don’t always work. If you are one of the women who needs some extra help, consider liposuction.

Traditional lipo has been offering wonderful results for years. There is also another option in lipo. The skin on the thighs is thin, so some doctors prefer to use laser lipo which they believe tightens the skin of the thighs better by stimulating collagen production through a wave of laser light over an extended period of time.

Talk to your lipo professional for more information about the right choice of lipo for you, and stop hiding!