Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles for March 11, 2013

Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles for March 11, 2013 are…

Sirtuins are protein classes that receive far too much hype in terms of metabolic interactions and other anti-aging research efforts, according to this article. Figures lend this viewpoint credence, with as much as a billion dollars of capital per year being set aside for research involving sirtuin. Read more about this anti-aging research mistake: A Collection of Sirtuin Research Results.

Bloat bites. That said, there are ways to fight it. Green tea would be one. Eating the right foods, another. Find out how to bite away at bloat with Fight Bloat in a Bite .

This Interview with the Founder of Yarok provides excellent insight into hair care and overall hair beauty from one of the leading expert in the field today, Celebrity hair stylist Mordechai Alvow, who owns the Yarok Beauty Kitchen in New York City. Don’t miss out on his advice!

The fourth top article this week says that last year, the chins were in. Now, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) predicts that cheek implants are going to be the hot new plastic surgery trend. That’s because of the cheeks vital importance in youthful facial structures and vitality. Read Plastic Surgeons Predict the New Hottest Surgery to find out more.

And we close with A Few Recent Papers on Human Longevity: “A great many researchers are presently engaged in amassing data on human longevity…But strangely, very little of this is strictly necessary in order to engineer far longer lives. We don’t need to know much more than we do already about human biology in order to have a good shot at building functional rejuvenation biotechnologies.”
Fight Aging! says a lot more in between and after these statements, all of it vital to a better understanding of why we should be more concerned with funding repainting rather than theorizing about the decay of painted surfaces.

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