Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles for the Week of Nov. 5

The Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles for the Week of Nov. 5 are:

Anti-aging researchers need to speak out about their initiatives to fight aging, or else the movement will not gain momentum. It seems odd that they don’t, when no one really looks forward to getting wrinkles, losing muscle tone, or losing memory. But there’s not a lot of respect for anti-aging efforts among the scientific community. However, if they don’t learn to respect it, where does that leave the effort?

The next article should be titled, “Brook Shields, I HATE You for Not Aging!” Really, the woman looks amazing for any age, let alone her actual age (47!) How does she do it? Well, for one thing, she hasn’t made any drastic changes to her appearance. Instead, she’s maintained a youthful glow and kept her weight done. Nothing is sagging, either. She simply stuns. Read how, here.

Ceramides are commonly found in the skin. But scientists now think that ceramics may offer a chance to renew the youthful appearance of the skin. Elizabeth Arden has used ceramics in their products for years. They may have been on to something big

Hands show a person’s real age. It doesn’t matter how much work a woman has done on her face, or how well she takes care of herself. If she neglects her hands, her age will be revealed. Learn more about how the hands reveal real age, and how to help prevent aged-looking hands.

Sensitive skin is a huge marketing phrase, but it does really exist. However, what defines sensitive skin varies. As much as 60% of the population suffers from it, so sensitive skin products generally do very well on the market. Learning more about sensitive skin is definitely important for taking care of it.

And that’s it, the Top 5. Here’s to a lovely weekend!