Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles of the Week

This week, the Top 5 Anti-Aging Posts are:

We’ve all heard about the importance of beauty sleep, but how much beauty sleep should we strive for all at once? Some people swear by a long stretch of eight hours, including doctors. But getting eight hours all at once may be putting too much pressure on us, and pressure is the opposite of what we want to connect with sleep. With sleep, we want to remain stress free and at ease. So perhaps getting the amount we need, broken into different blocks during the day, is the best way to go. Rethinking Sleep/ covers new ways to view sleep for the best anti-aging and restorative results.

Next, those aging bowlers are at it again, squandering money on Wii bowling from unsuspecting chumps1 That is, they are in this satirical post from The Voice of Aging Baby Boomers blog by Martin Bayne titled, Elder Wii Bowlers Face Charges in Doping Scandal. Satire is a great way to get across the high cost of assisted living and more.

Five Best for dark spots talks about the five best products for dealing with hyperpigmentation. Dark spots are difficult to deal with and result from a number of cause like hormonal changes and genetics, as well as some skin damage. Make sure to read up about these products if you are bothered by dark spots.

If you’ve ever thought about living from the earth, Living Off the GRID: Wild Edibles is the perfect article for you. The health benefits of this lifestyle are abundant and worth investigating. The piece opens with a novel excerpt called Tribes of Eden by William Holding, then moves into a commentary about living off the grid as well as a video. It’s a difficult concept, but definitely possible to live this way with the right training.

Last, business advice for dermatologists who want to expand their business with the purchase of lasers. The best way to do this is found in this article, Laser-buying tips: Less is more for most dermatologic problems. Instead of being a number of expensive and unneeded lasers, this article reveals that most dermatologist only need one.