Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles of the Week

This week’s top 5 reveal progress in the anti-aging world indeed. There is a lot of work going into maintaining health and beauty, as well as spreading good vibes. Lots of skin articles this week, plus one little dirty secret revealed…

Anatomic understanding fuels advances in filler techniques offers hope for all of us who are losing facial fat and developing a sunken-in look. Moving beyond the typically addressed nasolabial and marionette folds vastly improves the skeletal look by tackling oft-ignored parts of the face with much more natural fillers. Even fine lines will look one hundred times better. The softness quality these fillers create truly astounds.

Menopause definitely relates to a sunken-in look. The loss of vitality in the skin seems to be unavoidable in terms of color and dryness. No matter how many precautions you take, changes occur. And with those changes, the skin care routine must undergo changes, too. What’s working for me-my current beauty regimen discusses the importance of moisturizing and masks to renew the glow and help prevent dryness, as well as tips on products. Recapture your vitality!

And while still on the subject of skin, scientists have discovered a virus on the skin that may fight acne as a large-scale treatment. It is an exciting discovery, as no new acne treatments have been developed for decades; it’s still the standard Benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, and Accutane. This newly discovered virus naturally seeks out pimples on the skin to kill, yet causes no harm to humans. Scientists hope the virus will be able to completely change the way acne is treated, in a completely natural way. Zit Zapping Virus May Treat Acne

Checkout Line Impulse Buys Contribute to Obesity…well, that explains it! According to this article, grocery stores take advantage of brains already overwhelmed by food shopping decisions. They put impossible to resist items like candy and soda near the check-out line for an (evil!) reason. The theory is that the brain will be too overworked by other food item decisions to resist something it really wants. (Maybe I should see if my grocery store has a nearby gym to burn off the check-out line chips I eat on the walk to my car. Wait..walking’s an exercise, right?)

Finally, the last top article this week shows that laser resurfacing results are optimized by customized treatment plans. A lot of the variables pertaining to recovery not only depend on a patient’s individual biology, but the laser used. Currently, there are two lasers used in resurfacing: full field or fractional. The full field is considered the “Gold Standard” of the industry, but there is a lot that is changing. Read Laser resurfacing results optimized by following customizable treatment plan to learn more about these breakthroughs in laser treatment and recovery.