Vitamin C Ester

According to Perricone MD, “Vitamin C is fused with an essential fatty acid derived from Palm Oil, to form a fat-soluble molecule designed to deliver unsurpassed brightness and luminosity while firming the appearance of skin and smoothing its texture.”

Collagen production relies on Vitamin C; without it, our bodies would be little more than mush. Collagen connects muscle to bone, binds the skeleton together, and helps organs.

Vitamin C ester combines two powerful skin supplements—Vitamin C and palm oil—to be taken internally and fight inflammation by disrupting the production of the chemical arachadonic acid, which aids in psoriasis and wrinkle formation.

Vitamin C ester is also more easily tolerated by many people than regular Vitamin C because of regular Vitamin C’s acidity. Also, Vitamin C ester can penetrate the cell membrane because of the palm oil’s fatty acid quality.

For beautiful skin, try Vitamin C ester.