What Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments Will Help Under Eye Circles

Woman's eye

The under eye is a very delicate area of the face and is usually the area most women often complain about. Wrinkles and sagging skin begin to develop when the structural elements of the dermis begin to break down. These elements which give the skin structure are collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin fibers. Hyaluronic acid acts as a network onto which collagen and elastin fibers bind. Therefore, without it, wrinkles, jowls and volume loss occurs. Replacing the structural element, hyaluronic acid, is therefore an obvious way to get rid of wrinkles, folds, sagging and volume loss. This will cause the area under the eyes can have a little discoloration and appear darker.

 This leads a woman to look tired, stressed, and older.  It’s a good thing the following cosmetic dermatology treatments are made to help ease dark under eye areas.

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Hyaluronic fillers like Restylane or Juvederm are injected under the eyes.  These fillers work by making corrections to the contours around the eye socket.  It also helps in covering the blood vessels and the melanin that often peeks through the skin.  It is important that a licensed Beverly Hills dermatologist be the one to inject these fillers as it needs to be injected deep under the eye muscles. If done inexpertly, it could result to puffiness.

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Each patient absorbs and breaks down dermal fillers differently. Each area of the face, depending on the degree of movement, will lose the effect at different rates. Side effects may include allergic reactions, bruising, or swelling and should go away in a few days.


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Chemical Peel can help in rejuvenating one’s skin, which helps in lessening dark under eye circles. Additionally, it may also help in making fine lines under the eyes less noticeable.  However, the effects aren’t permanent, and post-treatment care is important, such as avoiding sun exposure and using sun protection.  After this procedure, it is important that post-treatment care as advised by a dermatologist should be followed to avoid scarring and infection.


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