What Is Sculptra Used for?

donnaAging is a phenomenon that is inevitable.  It is something that every woman and man has to face in life. The appearance of wrinkles is something that every woman dreads.

Sure enough, there are creams and over the counter products that you can try to attempt and stop the signs of aging.  However it does take a while before you see results, if the product works.  Today men and women are turning to injectable fillers as a faster alternative to cream products.  One treatment that is in a class of its own is Sculptra.

What can Sculptra do for you?

Sculptra is a procedure that involves replacing the lost collagen in your skin. When you were younger, your skin was rather smooth and glowing.  Collagen is responsible for giving you a youthful appearance. The problem is collagen production diminishes as you age and that is when wrinkles start to appear.

Sculptra  injection treatments aim to help restore collagen back.  It is meant to treat facial wrinkles and folds. With the administration of a suitable injection technique, Sculptra can help correct both shallow and deep wrinkles.

Sculptra can be used to treat smile lines, marionette lines, wrinkles on the chin and other similar areas.

Collagen is made of naturally occurring proteins and is responsible for the support and foundation of the skin. It keeps the skin tight and also, soft and smooth.  As people age, with chronic sun exposure, collagen breaks down.  As its foundation is lost, the skin cannot retain its plumpness and it begins to appear sunken, saggy and wrinkled.  Sculptra is injected where volume loss has occurred in order to replace lost collagen.  A typical Sculptra regimen consists of three treatments, with monthly intervals.

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