What’s Your Combination? Rejuvenating Skin Treatments Work Better When They Work Together

These days, it seems even Hollywood is moving away from cosmetic surgery and turning to cosmetic dermatology for a less invasive approach to skin rejuvenation. A combination of various treatments known as “Comprehensive Therapy” or “Polytherapy” can give people the look they want for less money, less pain, less planning and no downtime.

While the list of options isn’t as complicated as a fruit juice bar, it does take a knowledgeable, experienced and skilled dermatologist to know the right combination of treatments for a patients’ condition and desired results.

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, the stretched look is out. Facelifts may not even get rid of the folds that a patient seeks to correct, plus, no one wants the downtime and pain that comes with plastic surgery, not to mention the possibility of a poor outcome that would be permanent.

Thanks to the incredible advancement in lasers and other treatment options, medical dermatologists are able to combine methods to create the look that patients are seeking. Additionally, since polytherapy may give longer lasting effects, patients may not need to come in to the office as frequently as before. These procedures have very few associated risks, so making the decision to go ahead requires a minimal amount of deliberation.

For example, without pulling or cutting, the skin can be tightened and markedly rejuvenated using Genesis Plus, a combination of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and the Nd:YAG laser. The IPL treats the surface of the skin correcting pigmentation and tone, and the YAG stimulates the collagen for new growth, eliminating wrinkles and scars and making the skin more taut. Add to this some Restylane for fine lines around the eyes and perhaps some Botox, and you will look marvelous, young, and, most importantly, natural.

Advances in polytherapy have led to endless possibilities for the cosmetic dermatologist. The newest and most exciting skin rejuvenation technique is called photodynamic therapy (PDT). PDT can yield results similar to laser resurfacing without the associated risks. After the application of a substance that makes the skin more sensitive to light, a laser or light source is passed over the area being treated.

Comprehensive therapy not only gives superior results but it can also prolong the effects of treatment. For example, using Botox or a cosmetic filler substance alone may produce effects that last only three months. However, using the two together, in the frown lines for example, may sustain the effects for up to eight months!

It’s rare that one type of treatment will produce the desired effect on its own. That’s why there’s a trend toward polytherapy. However, only an experienced physician understands how to combine treatments to get the best results, and the importance of keeping abreast and offering the latest technology available.