Why You Should Check Out Laser Hair Removal

Tired of dealing with unsightly hair? Painful waxes? Razor burn? Rather than continually fighting a losing battle against unwanted hair, consider laser hair removal. The innovative procedure uses a high-quality laser to produce light, which is subsequently absorbed by the hair follicle. The heat damages if not destroys the follicle, leaving the patient with smooth skin.

It usually takes four to eight treatments to achieve desired results, but it’s well worth it. Check out why you consider laser hair removal if you’re sick of dealing with unwanted hair before scheduling a consultation with your West Hollywood skin specialists:

Beautiful Skin

Smooth, beautiful skin free of hair is finally yours when you opt for laser hair removal. Take a moment to consider what it would feel like to never deal with hair under your arms again, or hair on your calves, thighs, and bikini line. How about your upper lip? Hands? Anywhere else you don’t want hair? Underarms are notorious for being difficult to shave, and many complain that there’s still hair present no matter how hard they try. The bikini line and back of the thighs are two other areas susceptible to razor bumps and burn, which is just as unsightly as too much hair.

Saying goodbye to your razor or painful waxing products and enjoying smooth skin year-round is a pretty wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Virtually Painless

Unlike the aforementioned waxes and razors, there’s virtually no pain involved with laser hair treatments. You won’t get cut accidentally, or feel the intense pain that comes with ripping wax off your flesh. Laser hair removal may involve a slight tingling sensation, but it’s hardly a painful procedure. You also might feel pain for a moment if the dermatologist is working on a longer strand of hair, but it’s temporary. The pain from waxing, however? It lasts.

A Worthwhile Investment

Laser hair treatment may cost more than you’d like, but when you think about a lifetime of no hair or thin, easily-manageable hair growth, it’s more than worth it. You won’t have to spend money on razors, shaving creams, wax, and other hair removal products again, which saves you quite a bit of money over time!


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