Your Eyes and Your Age!

What your Eyes say about your Age!

Woman's eye
There are many options out there – but at the Kopelson Clinic we recommend fillers.

Choose fillers to fix hollowing in the tear troughs if there is no loose skin. Ideal patients are those who have a depression like a tear trough in the lower lids, had too much fat removed during surgery or are hollow under the eyes. Fillers are reversible and no over-correction is required.
Choose surgery to correct loose skin or excessive muscle and/or fat in the lids. Removing some of this volume and distributing the contours equally restores the look of the eyes.

The Kopelson Clinic offers a myriad of advanced dermatological treatments and procedures, Dr. Kopelson and his staff provide personalized clinical suggestions and cosmetic dermatology services to customize each patient’s specific medical and cosmetic concerns.

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