Your Most Trusted Ally For Your Skin

Fountain of youth concept.Your skin is the largest organ on your body so you need to take special care of it.  How do you keep that great looking skin for life?

It starts with finding a Beverly Hills dermatologist professional for all of your skin problems. They not only treat your immediate problems but  become your most-trusted ally for great looking skin, for life. The skin you were born with was smooth, soft flawless and firm.  However the odds are the skin you have today is nowhere close in comparison. Time, heredity, hormones, sun, stress and all of life’s little vices take their toll on the body’s single largest organ – the skin. Skin should be healthy and clear from head to toe at any age. This requires cultivating a relationship with your dermatologist and making sure you ask the proper questions.

Here are the top five most important questions to ask your dermatologist:

1. Do you offer cosmetic treatments to help my skin look better, as well as diagnose and treat skin disorders?

2. What type of light do you use to evaluate damage below the skin surface?

3. What do you recommend to best achieve and maintain my skin-care goal. Are there alternatives to consider?

4. How many people have you treated with similar conditions, and may I see photographs of the before-and-after results?

5. Are you a board-certified dermatologist and member of the ASDS or AAD? What are the credentials of any other staff members who might treat me? Is your facility state-licensed or accredited?

The Kopelson Clinic team consists of  Peter L. Kopelson, MD and Sheri G. Feldman, MD are board certified Beverly Hills dermatologistsspecializing in skin rejuvenation through cosmetic laser surgery and break-through clinical cosmetic treatments. Peter L Kopelson, MD and Sheri G Feldman, MD have been practicing dermatology in Beverly Hills since 1993 and 1991 respectively.  Including our incredible team of registered nurses, laser specialists,  and our excellent office staff.

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