10 Anti-Aging Tips for Your Feet

Everyone is so focused on the aging face. I think it’s time to put our best foot forward and concentrate on aging from the bottom up. Well, not literally from your bottom, but truly from the bottom of your body… your feet.

Feet age in a different way. They ache, they get funny bumps, corns, calluses, warts, fungus, grody toenails, etc.

Our feet bear the weight of our bodies all day, every day. We don’t really think much about them until the end of the day. Most of us, at least most of the ladies I know (including myself), put our feet into very high end designer shoes with high heels and somewhat pointy toes. These shoes look so enticing in the stores and we tell ourselves that they truly are comfortable. By the end of the day our feet have told us otherwise. I own loads of these wonderful shoes and wear them proudly. When I finally get home and slip into my well-worn really comfy slippers, my feet purr with relief.

So, here are my top 10 tips tips to help your feet remain as youthful as your face. And by the way, this assumes you, like me, are going to continue to wear shoes that look superb, but are not truly meant for walking.

1. Take your shoes off at home and slip into the most comfy slippers you own.

2. Nails tend to thicken with age. Get pedicures to keep your nails short so that they do not continually hit the end of your shoes. Traumatized nails are very prone to nail fungus. This is extremely unsightly and even more difficult to treat.

3. Be sure that whomever does your pedicures uses sterile instruments and new sponges and files. Nothing that has touched another person’s feet should ever touch yours.

4. Try not to go barefoot especially in public places or warm, humid places such as spas or yoga studios. Although these places are great for your overall health, they are breeding grounds for fungus and warts for your feet.

5. For cracked heels my personal favorite product is called Flexitol heel balm. I have no financial interest in this company, but I wish I did! This is a urea-based cream that really helps with dry, cracked feet. If you can tolerate socks, try to sleep with them on after you apply Flexitol. If you can’t stand to sleep in the socks, try to keep them on for 20 minutes or so. This will help the cream work better.

6. Super glue! Everyone with feet should have this at home. As we age out feet tend to get drier and develop cracks along the heels. Super glue is the best solution for those nasty cracks that just won’t heal (no pun intended). Place a small amount in the crack and let it dry. Just don’t glue your fingers to your feet or your feet to your couch. Trust me, this has happened. As an aside, super glue works great for paper cuts too.

7. Feet get more sensitive as we age. The skin gets thinner and drier, and we start to lose those nice fat pads we used to have when we were younger. Loss of fat and ill fitting shoes can lead to corns and calluses. These are usually due to pressure points and trauma. Pads with doughnut holes help to take the pressure off these areas, but the best solution is to prevent them in the first place.

8. Just as bridges tend to collapse with age, so do the arches of our feet. Arch supports added to your shoes can help tremendously. Our feet may get longer and/or wider. Don’t be afraid to go up a shoe size if needed!

9. Feet can sunburn just like any other body part. So don’t forget to put sunscreen on the tops of your feet when you are outdoors enjoying beautiful weather. No one wants dry, leathery, speckled feet, or worse yet….skin cancer.

10. If and when you develop any of the above problems, don’t ignore them. They usually become worse with age instead of better. See your favorite dermatologist or podiatrist.

Lastly, always put your best feet forward wherever you go!