4 Types of Hyperpigmentation and What to do About it

For manrejuvenationy men and women, hyperpigmentation can be frustrating to deal with.  The first thing you need to do, is to understand why it’s occurring and what can you do to get it to stop.  Not sure what type of skin problem you have? Consult with a Beverly Hills dermatologist, to determine what type of hyperpigmentation you have.  They will give you the best course of treatment to put an end to your problem.

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The Kopelson Clinic recommends Nd:YAG cosmetic laser surgery, Pulsed Dye Cosmetic Laser treatment and IPL treatment all as excellent non-invasive ways to treat red spots and brown spots. Recently these procedures have been perfected in such a way that they do not injure the skin’s surface; hence, discomfort and downtime are kept to a minimum. Pearl™ laser resurfacing, a laser peeling procedure is also a great way to repair sun damaged skin.

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