Questions To Ask Your Botox Specialist

Asking questions is key before choosing a Botox specialist, as you want to ensure the best possible results that include little to no side effects. Botox is one of many treatments available through The Kopelson Clinic, whose skin specialists have a long and celebrated history of success with the injectable toxin. Let’s look at which questions the West Hollywood dermatologists want you to ask before scheduling a procedure:

How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask, as the more experience your skin specialist has, the better. Those new to Botox are not ones you want using needles on your face! The team at The Kopelson Clinic have performed Botox injections for over 10 years, which is one of the many reasons the clinic is a top option in West Hollywood.

How Often Do You Perform Botox Injections?

In addition to determining the specialists’ years of experience, it’s recommended that you learn how often the dermatologists perform Botox injections. Daily? Weekly? A few times a month? Injection frequency lets you know how popular or not the specialists are in terms of Botox.

What About Before And After Pictures?

Requesting to see before and after pictures of patients who have undergone Botox injections is a very good idea, as it indicates what kind of results you can expect. Patients with Botox should should look naturally youthful, not like they’re suffering from “frozen face.”

What Are The Most Common Side Effects?

Inquiring about the most common side effects patients experience is yet another viable question to ask, as it again gives you an idea of the specialists’ rate of success. Injection site bruising, redness, and swelling are among the most common side effects and shouldn’t be a concern, however if the specialist tells you more severe effects are common or Botox migration is a continuous issue, it’s a good idea to look elsewhere.

Your Botox specialist should also ask about your medical history to determine your candidacy, as well as any medications you might currently be taking.

For more on Botox in West Hollywood, please contact The Kopelson Clinic today.