Aging Gracefully: A Few Tips

Aging Gracefully: A Few Tips

Aging gracefully is about looking and feeling good, inside and out. Taking care of ourselves from a young age, i.e. exercising, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, and enjoying a healthy diet are all anti-aging essentials, and contribute to a vibrant, youthful appearance no matter our “number.” Check out a few tips for looking good at any age from your West Hollywood skin specialists, and remember to embrace your wisdom and experience–they’re some of the best parts of you!


Take Care of Skin

Moisturizing with a quality cream is vital to the health and appearance of skin. Ask your doctor for moisturizer recommendations, and choose one for daytime and one for nighttime. Options featuring powerful antioxidants are usually best. It’s also important to wear sunblock, as we all know the damaging effects of UV rays.

Taking care of skin includes makeup removal as well!


Disguise Gray Hair

Gray hair can crop up in your 30s if not your 20s, and while you can get away with a little gray in those decades, it’s hard to do so after the age of 40. Visit your salon or use your favorite box color to keep hair looking good and gray-free.


Exercise Regularly

Imperative to overall health, exercise improves circulation and therefore skin appearance. It also keeps you flexible and just makes you feel good! Shoot for 30-45 minute workouts three to four times a week. Low-impact options are just as effective as their joint-pounding counterparts, and include walking, biking, and swimming.


Drink Water

Staying hydrated keeps skin looking plump and beautiful–dehydrated skin just looks old, as fine lines and wrinkles become that much more noticeable. Add some lemon every now and then for additional cleansing assistance.


Go Mediterranean

The Mediterranean diet is frequently celebrated for its many health benefits, which includes improved skin and hair appearance. Load up on fruits and veggies, and cook with olive oil instead of butter.


Don’t Smoke

Smoking is a surefire way to look older–smoker’s lines, anyone? Avoid this nasty habit and keep those chemicals away from your face and neck!


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