Anastasiya Shpagina Wants to Look Like an Anime Character

And now she does, via her talent and career as a make-up artist in the Ukrain.

It is her body, but why anyone wants to look like a character unless it’s a costume party or Halloween is beyond me. Yet she’s not the first person to want to look extreme on a permanent basis. We’ve all seen pictures of people who’ve even used plastic surgery to look like cats, Barbie, and other fantasy characters. So why not a type of popular Japanese cartoon?

Changing a face in such a drastic manner is a fine line for plastic surgeons who must handle extreme requests with aptitude and delicacy while insuring a patient’s mental and physical well-being. Getting breast implants or even a tattoo insures a certain amount of flexibility with reversal, but changing one’s face to look like an Anime character is a permanent decision with no turning back.

Naturally, Anastasiya Shpagina wants to use plastic surgery to make the anime look permanent. At 19, let’s hope she waits a while and at least develops a more sophisticated type of character to emulate.