Anti-Aging Hair Care Tips

Lush, healthy hair makes anyone look younger! If your tresses aren’t what they used to be, don’t fret–it’s totally normal for hair to thin as we age. Rather than allowing your hair to tell the world how old you are, utilize a few anti-aging hair care tips courtesy of your favorite West Hollywood skin specialists:

Deep-Condition Overnight

Deep-condition strands overnight to give them much-needed moisture and otherwise treat damage. Use a shower cap to prevent your conditioner or oil from getting over your pillow…the cap will also help trap head heat and promote optimal conditioning. For a super-deep conditioning treatment, use oil. Caster oil is a great one that also kills dandruff and may even promote hair growth, while many celebrities swear by coconut oil and argan oil. If castor oil is too thick, cut it with coconut oil. Heat the oil first for an extra boost, but be sure it’s not too hot before applying!

Protect It From The Sun

UV rays spell doom for hair, as they dry tresses and seriously damage salon color. Wear chic head scarves and hats during the day whenever possible to shield strands from the sun.

Avoid Product Overload

Avoid using chemical straighteners, bleach, and hair color to sidestep severe damage. Hair color does help promote a youthful appearance, so if you must color look for natural options that won’t stress strands. Older hair is fragile enough, so tormenting it with harsh products won’t help.

Shampoo Less

Daily shampooing strips hair of its natural oils, causing it to dry out among other things. Shampoo a few times a week rather than every day to give your hair a break, and remember to use warm rather than hot water. A hot shower may feel great, but it’s also stripping your skin and hair of much-needed moisture.

Steer Clear of Hot Styling Tools

Allow hair to air-dry as much as possible rather than subjecting it to your blow dryer while still dripping wet. Avoid straighteners and curling irons as much as you possibly can as well to save hair from extreme heat and subsequent damage.

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