Anti-Aging Hair Tips

If admiring the luxurious, thick tresses of younger women and wishing your hair still looked like that, it’s time to employ a few anti-aging hair tips. From the right style to the right products, it’s very possible to regain former hair glory. Check out a few tips for styling and caring for your hair courtesy of your favorite dermatologists in Beverly Hills:

Use Less Shampoo

Too much shampoo stripes hair of shine-boosting, breakage-preventing lipids. Since hair’s lipid count decreases after menopause, try using less shampoo. Focus on the roots, and shampoo only when you have to–skipping a few days every week will only help hair. Rinse strands for about a minute to keep it looking shiny, and opt for moisturizing shampoos, as they inflict the least damage.

Remember to Deep-Condition

Deep-conditioning hair once a week is another way to fortify it and keep it healthy. Find a deep conditioning product that best suits your hair type, or go for castor oil. Cut it with coconut oil, another deep conditioner, as this thins it and makes rinsing easier. Work on massaging the oil into the roots, put on a shower cap, and wear it overnight for best results. You may also choose to heat it first for an extra boost. Caster oil is regarded as a fabulous hair treatment that deeply conditions and helps stimulate growth.

Try Long Layers

If it works for your hair type, try long layers along the hairline and through the crown. This has a softening effect, which makes you look younger. It also makes thinning hair, a common problem as we age, less noticeable.

Detangle in the Shower

Avoiding breakage when combing through wet hair means detangling strands in rather than after your shower. Use a wide-tooth comb and start at the bottom, and don’t forget to condition first. It makes detangling much, much easier!

Get Regular Haircuts

Hair that’s regularly maintained is key in helping features look young instead of…not.

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