Laser Hair Removal Frequently-Asked Questions

Smooth, hairless skin on one or more areas of the body is a dream many have, and while waxing, shaving, and assorted creams offer temporary assistance, none are a permanent solution. Laser hair removal is one of the very few permanent hair removal options available for those wishing to rid their bodies of unsightly hair. If considering undergoing treatment, check out answers to a few frequently-asked questions courtesy of your favorite Beverly Hills dermatologists:

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is defined as a procedure that removes hair from the body through a long pulse laser. Used successfully since its 1997 introduction, the laser’s energy gets absorbed by melanin, or pigment, in the hair follicle, thus stunting growth. The laser is applied to skin featuring stubble, and eventually stops hair from growing back. Because hair grows in cycles, six to eight treatments are typically required to eradicate hair for good. Sessions are staggered eight to 12 weeks apart so removal is in line with hair’s natural growth cycle.

What Parts of the Body are Treated?

The procedure is commonly used on the bikini line, legs, underarms, female facial hair, and male back hair.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Cost varies according to where you’re having treatment done, as well as what parts of the body are being worked on. Dermatologists often provide hair removal price lists for “small”, “medium,” and “large” parts of the body. The bikini line, for example, is a “medium” treatment area, while the legs are a “large” area.

Is Treatment Permanent?

While some hair may grow back following six to nine treatments, it is usually light, thin, and slow-growing. Laser hair removal has an effectiveness rate of about 80 percent, meaning once destroyed, hair follicles will not grow back. The vast majority of patients are thrilled with their results.

Is Treatment Safe?

Yes! Lasers have been safely utilized in medicine for some 50 years, with home removal kits   also available. Skin around hair follicles is left intact, and the treatment is likened to the pain of waxing, if that. The feeling of laser hair removal is frequently likened to a quick rubber band snap against flesh.

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