Botox and Back Pain

If you suffer from muscular back pain, you’re well aware of the agony this pain brings. Botox probably does not come to mind when looking for pain relief, yet is now being offered as a pain reliever for muscular back pain. It is not FDA-approved to treat such pain yet, however some doctors are still using it. For those who have tried every other pain relief option available without much success, Botox is a viable option thanks to its ability to paralyze muscles.

Why Botox Can Help Relieve Pain

Botox reduces pain by blocking neurotransmitters to the brain telling muscles not to tense up or spasm. Freezing muscles in place with Botox has on occasion provided a wider range of motion and increased flexibility. While so far Botox does have a good success rate of helping people reduce back pain, it still features side effects and requires treatment by a specialist to avoid said effects. Some side effects include loss of muscle tone, muscle paralysis, and organ damage if not administered properly, and spreads to other organs.


As with any other Botox use, the effects last for a few months. At this time Botox is not a typical medical treatment option, and is not covered by most insurance agencies. This may change over the next few years if more and more people turn to Botox for back pain relief and the FDA approves it for pain relief use.


The benefits and uses of Botox are still being discovered, especially in regards to pain. With that said it is very important to proceed with caution when using Botox for relief of muscular pain. Be sure to research Botox thoroughly, including risks and benefits. Rely on the talents of those who have administered Botox injections for many years, such as your West Hollywood dermatologists. They never water down their injections, a common day spa practice that frequently results in Botox “migration” and various side effects.

Botox for back pain: yet another way the incredible injectable toxin is helpful!

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