Botox and Depression

The more research done on the benefits and uses of Botox, the more it appears to be a multi-purpose treatment option. So far, Botox is used to diminish lines and wrinkles, reduce muscle pain and spasms, as well as help treat certain eye disorders including crossed eyes and uncontrolled blinking. There’s now another option to add to the list, “Botox to help treat depression.” Over the last few years it’s been discovered that Botox injected in certain parts of the face can help to reduce depressed moods and symptoms.


It is said that your facial expressions help the brain determine your mood. If that’s true, freezing some muscles in your face and subsequently preventing them from making certain facial expressions would help reduce “brain firing” of negative, depressed thoughts, correct? This is the logic regarding this issue so far. Botox is injected between the eyes and on the forehead to help with depression and related symptoms. The muscles in your forehead and between eyes are the muscles involved with sadness, anger, and fear. Freezing them temporarily is believed to help reduce sad and angry facial expressions.

Success Rate

Thus far, it appears Botox is having positive effects on depression symptoms in adults. Some studies have even shown that eight times as many patients received positive effects from Botox compared to patients who did not receive any injections. Researchers from Germany and Switzerland have said that Botox is comparable to continuous, uninterrupted relaxation exercises to help reduce depression symptoms. Hopefully, those numbers will keep growing, and will soon catch the attention of the FDA so the agency approves it as a treatment option for depression and its symptoms.


Botox being used to treat depression and related symptoms is still in its early stages, but so far has seen very positive results. The side effects of it being used for depression are actually helpful from a cosmetic standpoint, as the toxin prevents wrinkles from worsening near the injection sites. Talk to your Beverly Hills dermatologist about this treatment option to see if it’s right for you.

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