Botox And Breastfeeding

Is it safe to undergo Botox injections while breastfeeding? The debate over the safety of having injections done during this special time continues, with more research required for a definitive answer. Let’s review the data surrounding the injectable toxin and breastfeeding before scheduling a Botox session with your Beverly Hills skin specialists:

Directly Into The Muscle

Botox is injected directly into the muscle, with only a small amount of purified botulinum toxin type A used in each injection. There is currently no evidence that suggests Botox leaves the affected muscle and subsequently passes into breast milk. As such, it is unlikely the toxin will affect a nursing baby. However, this is according to preliminary data on the subject only.

Not Appropriate

Despite preliminary evidence that suggests Botox will not affect breast milk and subsequently your new baby, the Botox brand does not recommend the toxin as appropriate for breastfeeding women. It is suggested that you speak to your doctor about injections if nursing, however your doctor will most likely advise you to wait until your baby is weaned before continuing with Botox sessions.

Rectal Tears

Rectal tears are something that can occur due to the pushing and straining associated with giving birth. One of Botox’s many applications is as a treatment for rectal tears.

“I do not recommend it for cosmetic reasons in breastfeeding mothers . . . they should wait until they finish breastfeeding,” says Dr. Thomas W. Hale, a renowned expert in lactation and medication. “However, it is also commonly used for rectal tears. In this case it is probably justified.”

Where To Get Botox

Should you decide to undergo Botox injections after breastfeeding, it is highly recommended you do so through your Beverly Hills skin specialists. The celebrated doctors at The Kopelson Clinic have administered Botox injections for over a decade, and remain experts in everything to do with the injectable toxin. They never water down their Botox the way day spas so often do, which results in toxin spreading and the potential for many unpleasant side effects.

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