Botox And Burning Calories: How Long Should You Wait Before Working Out?

A common question regarding Botox is how long you must wait after receiving the injectable toxin before working out. Botox is one of many anti-aging procedures available through your West Hollywood dermatologists, and offers a non-invasive, highly-effective option for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Let’s review what you should know about Botox and exercise:

“Washing Out”

Remaining upright following Botox injections is highly recommended to avoid the “washing out” effect. Putting your head down, exercising, and hanging upside down all cause blood to rush to the face and can potentially “wash out” the toxin as it’s trying to bind to nerves. Avoid all of these activities and stay upright for at least three hours after receiving injections to allow the toxin to bind correctly. Wait at least until the next morning to resume your workout routine–a 12-hour window or more is necessary for Botox to work its anti-aging magic. For best results, avoid exercise and related activities for 24 hours after your procedure.

Sweating Issue

Another reason to put a temporary halt on your exercise regimen after getting Botox is the sweating issue. Profuse sweating can potentially increase side effects, such as injection site bruising. This is because blood pressure and heart rate increase during exercise, which increases bruising risk.

Facial Exercises

Although it’s important to avoid exercising in the first few days after receiving Botox injections, certain facial exercises performed immediately after your procedure can help the toxin go deeper into the muscles. Try contracting the muscles in affected areas, but be careful not to touch your face. Hold muscles in contracted positions for five seconds before releasing, and continue to exercise your face for about four hours after getting injections. Exercises may include puckering your lips, raising your eyebrows, frowning, and smiling depending on where you received treatment.

Talk To Your Dermatologist

Discuss your current exercise regimen with your West Hollywood dermatologist and keep the above information in mind after receiving injections. If you’re concerned about losing too much workout time, exercise before your appointment.

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