Botox And Sun Exposure

Considering Botox, but concerned about tanning and otherwise exposing yourself to the sun? The toxin is available through your Beverly Hills botox clinic, which features a team well-versed in performing precise injections that ensure beautiful results. If you know you’re a Botox candidate but have a few questions about tanning and sun exposure, review the following information before making your appointment:


Botox aftercare is essential to avoid unwanted toxin migration and various other unpleasant side effects. Mild injection site swelling, bruising, and redness is normal, however total migration is not. One of the ways to help sidestep migration is through avoidance of strenuous exercise and anything else that causes sweating and facial flushing, such as prolonged time in the sun. Exercise and similar activities should therefore be avoided in the 24 hours following your procedure so Botox settles correctly. Strenuous activities also severely increase chances of bruising.

Tanning & Sun Exposure

So long as you wait the proper amount of time before tanning or exposing yourself to the sun, you’ll be just fine. Botox that’s settled properly is not affected by UV rays, though it’s important to note people with a history of sun sensitivity should discuss exposure levels with their dermatologists before receiving injections.

When To Call

In addition to discussing precautions regarding sun exposure and tanning thoroughly, it’s also important to understand when to call your dermatologists should you think there’s a problem. If swelling and bruising increases, redness persists, pain increases, or your oral temperature is above 100.4 degrees, it’s time to call. These issues may stem from excess facial flushing or something else, making it imperative to determine the cause and obtain the right treatment.

Enjoy soaking up the sun following your post-injection grace period and taking advantage of the youthful vibrancy Botox provides. Talk to your Beverly Hills dermatologist about Botox as well as as other anti-aging treatments, such as dermal fillers and spider vein options. The Kopelson Clinic offers only the highest-quality Botox and fillers to provide patients with the beautiful results they crave.

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