Botox Vs. Restylane

Trying to decide between Botox and Restylane, but can’t decide which anti-aging treatment is best for you? Both offer a variety of benefits and result in a more youthful appearance, however which option is ideal for your needs depends on what you’re looking for in an anti-aging treatment. The West Hollywood dermatologists at The Kopelson Clinic will be happy to assist you in this decision, and offer the following helpful information:


Restylane is regarded as one of the top dermal fillers currently on the market. It’s comprised of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body that diminishes with age. The dermal filler provides the body with more hyaluronic acid via tiny injections that fill lines and wrinkles. It is commonly used to restore volume to cheeks and naso-labial areas, create plump, pouty lips, accentuate eyebrows, and treat under-eye hollows. Restylane is also used to define cheek, jaw, and chin lines, fill acne scars, and treat nose issues, such as the “ski jump” depression.

Effects generally last about six months, though some treatments last as long as nine months depending on where injections were made. Side effects are minimal and include injection site redness and swelling, though such effects rarely last more than a week.


Botox is not a dermal filler, but rather an injectable toxin. Tiny needles are used to administer Botox deep into facial muscles in order to block nerve impulses and allow the muscles to relax. This relaxation smoothes existing lines and wrinkles to create a naturally-youthful appearance. Botox effects last four to six months.

The injectable toxin is typically used to reduce Crow’s feet lines around the eyes, as well as those between the brows. Botox is also frequently used on horizontal forehead lines and frown lines. As with Restylane, side effects are minimal and and include injection site bruising and redness.

Whether opting for Botox or Restylane, it’s essential to have your procedure done by experienced dermatologists, not staff members at day spas. The doctors at The Kopelson Clinic have performed these and similar procedures for years with the precision and expertise that’s made them one of the top skin clinics in Southern California.

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