Diet Soda and Alcohol Gets You Drunker Faster

Mixing diet soda and alcohol may save calories, but it actually causes a person to get drunker faster, according to Cecile Marczinski, a cognitive psychologist who authored a new study about diet soda and alcohol.

In an article by Allison Aubrey called Mixing Alcohol With Diet Soda May Make You Drunker, Marczinski says, “”Alcohol, consumed with a diet mixer, results in higher (BrAC) Breath Alcohol Concentrations as compared to the same amount of alcohol consumed with a sugar-sweetened mixer.”

That’s because sugar provides a vital component to slowing down alcohol absorption. However, people in the study failed to acknowledge a difference in how they felt when drinking sugar or sugarless mixers, which increases the likelihood that they might participate in dangerous or even illegal activities like drunk driving when drinking diet drinks and alcohol.

NO matter what your drink, pace yourself with water in between drinks and set a limit for the night. Also, pre-arrange for other transportation home via cab or designated driver. You can also leave the keys at home and get a ride to and from the party.