Do Vascular Lasers Make Stretch Marks Disappear?

Education books - DermatologyOne particular problem that is quite difficult to hide and particularly affects women at any age is stretch marks.  Vascular laser is one specific solution you may be interested in.

Stretch marks can affect a woman at any age.  While it normally occurs after a woman goes through pregnancy, it can also become an issue for women who have undergone rapid weight loss.  Adolescents and older women usually have stretch marks.

What can vascular lasers do for you?

If the appearance of stretch marks is a problem for you, vascular laser may be useful.  You have to understand however, that there are basically two types of stretch marks.  There are new ones and there are old ones.

The new stretch marks are those that appear red or purple on the skin.  Vascular laser works best in treating these new stretch marks.  It causes these red and purplish stretch marks to disappear or fade. They are quite easy to perform.

Vascular laser is not completely painless.  It could feel like a rubber band being flicked against your skin. The good news is the procedure does not involve needles so there are no chances of drawing blood.  It may take a few treatments for you to achieve the best results from vascular laser.

Can vascular laser treat old stretch marks too?

As mentioned previously, vascular laser works best for treating new stretch marks.  But as far as older stretch marks are concerned, its effectiveness is in question.  The treatment may do little for old stretch marks.

These are much harder to treat.  So if you are dealing with old stretch marks, vascular laser may not be the best option for you.  They simply do not respond well to this treatment.  Laser treatment for stretch marks are chosen based on the stage of development of the lesion: young ones are red and purple thus require a vascular laser for stretch marks; old ones are silvery or white and require collagen stimulating lasers.

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