Dr. Dieter Kuster

From the CA Botana Website, the bio of Dr. Dieter Kuster, PhD, creator of CA Botana:

Dr. Dieter Kuster is the founder of CA BOTANA and has developed over 3000 products for the Cosmetic Industry and the in-house brands Doctor D. Schwab, Sea Enzyme and Ambrosia Aromatherapy.

One of his break-through achievements is the development of the highly acclaimed Molecular penetrator Alphasomes®, an advanced delivery system to increase product effectiveness. Other specialties include target-specific Enzymes and superior Peptide Technology.

He has directed clinical trials and tests for numerous skin care products he developed.

During his more than 50 years of experience in the Cosmetic Industry, he authored many articles for magazines and trade publications and is a sought-after lecturer and speaker for the Beauty Industry on an international level.

Dr. Kuster recently started Molecular Botanicals, a Cosmetic Science, Formulation and Consulting Company for the Cosmetic and Chemistry Industry.

In this video, Dr. Kuster, gives an explanation of “organic” and “in-organic”. He also talks about meat consumption and other controversial subjects. This video might spark some heated debates, but it’s worth a watch despite whichever side of the debate you fall.

CA Botana offers a great line of personal care, spa, and wellness products as well.