Lip Lift: Pros and Cons

A lip lift is also called a “lip shortening”. A new study done over the last 22 years shows that women who undergo a facial rejuvenation should undergo a lip lift at the same time. It is easier to do then, and allows the overall appearance to be improved at once.

Many people have never heard of a lip lift, but it exists for a good reason. Some women experience upper lip lengthening with age. It thins, failing to cover the upper teeth, causing an unbalanced, aged-looking mouth. Lip lifts can correct this by removing a small skin strip from the base of the nose. Next, asymmetry of the lip is dealt with by adjusting the amount of skin removed, according to Marissa Hicken, Web Content Editor of New Beauty.

However, a lip lift can cause its own issues. For one, it often requires surgery to correct scarring. So ask ahead of time about any issues it can cause.

But overall, a lip lift greatly improves the look of an aging face.