Fast Fixes For Fuller Lips

donnaLooking for fuller lips?  There are several quick and easy ways to augment the lips using lip injection products like hyaluronic acid-based fillers.  Beverly Hills dermatologists use injectable fillers to restore fullness to the face and lips and to treat wrinkles, folds and scars. They are a safe way to renew youthfulness and vitality.  Anti aging dermatology consists of cosmetic fillers that vary in form and function, some lasting longer than others.

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The Kopelson Clinic offers several newly available products including Perlane®, Juvéderm®, Prevelle™ Silk, and Evolence®.  Offering a myriad of advanced dermatological treatments and procedures, Dr. Kopelson and his staff provide personalized clinical suggestions to address each patient’s specific medical and cosmetic concerns.

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