Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

LegsLaser hair removal procedures are great for getting rid of unsightly and unwanted hair on our bodies; however, the benefits that this technique has on our skin aren’t really known.   Laser hair removal treatments are long lasting.

The vast majority of laser hair removal clients stated that after a treatment, their skin feels softer and silkier after a course of treatments. Traditional methods of hair removal, is unlike laser hair removal of today.  Beverly Hills dermatologist’s concur that laser hair removal is the best option for permanent hair removal.

The gentle light that is used for laser hair removal doesn’t cause any of the problems that other hair removal methods can. For example, shaving can often cause severe dryness and flakiness in the skin.  Waxing can cause problems such as in-grown hairs, irritation and redness of the skin. In fact, the skin after your treatments will feel refreshed and smoother.

How does this work?  The laser targets the root of the hair with a precision light, rather than affecting a large area of surrounding skin. Your skin is soothed during the procedure using cool gel or air, meaning that any redness is minimal and generally disappears within a day.

The Kopelson Clinic uses the Candela Alexandrite Laser and  the Cutera Cool Glide Laser.  The Candela is used for lighter skin types while the Cutera is safe for all skin types including darker skin.

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