Filling in the Lines

Juvederm Voluma the Perfect Cheek Filler that lasts 2 Years

beautiful young female face with beauty treatment  isolated on white

Juvederm Voluma has become one of the more popular fillers because it lasts up to 2 years. Allergan has produced Voluma specifically to address the non-surgical issues that surround the hollows under the lower eyelids and the demarcation line that separates the lower lids from the cheeks. Women often complain of the line they see going diagonally down the upper cheek. Voluma is ideal for non-surgically filling in the upper cheek to bring back the apple of the cheek and extend the cheek mound to bring back a more youthful heart shape appearance.

Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus are another of Allergan’s fillers for the nasal folds, marionette lines and lips. These fillers last up to a year and do a great job of plumping and filling in folds and wrinkles.

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