Finding Your Style

One of the quickest ways to age is by never changing your style.
But one of the other quickest ways to age is by changing your style with every new trend.

Oh, contradictions!

But think about it for a moment: Knowing your basic style and how to work within it is the key to looking fresh and fashionable with age.

It is possible to find one classic haircut that always works despite the year. You can update it with changes in the bangs, color, or wearing it in different ways, such as in an up-do. If it’s short, part it on a different side, push it back, or add some flair with a scarf. Retro is fine, as long as it is done with a modern sensibility. Changes in length are fine, too, but it would be really overwhelming to do something like a new asymmetrical cut every season. But find a base cut that works, and keep it.

Avoid any sort of eyebrow shaping trends. If you want to dye them, ok; it will fade. But don’t alter the basic shape except for plucking stray hairs or fixing a unibrow. Keep them as full as possible, but with trim lines. However, do not over pluck. If you have already over plucked, talk with a stylist about options like dye or the right color of pencil to brush on daily. Women need soft brows to frame their faces, and messing with them too much can end up making the face look stark. You don’t want your brows to be the first thing a person notices about you. In pictures, trendy shaped brows look great, but it’s a hard look to pull off in person everyday. Plus, it requires a lot of effort.

Also, don’t line the lips too harshly. Bright liners are fine if they work for you, but let them blend in with the lipstick. And no matter what color you wear, let it look luscious instead of like dry paste. You want to draw people in, not make them look at your lips like they have been etched on your face. Lips should pop, not cut.

One good way to remember all this is: keep the form, play with the color.