Get Great Legs

Celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Rihanna are known for their long, lean legs. And because showing a little leg never goes out of style, we all want to keep ours in shape.

Genetics does have a lot to do with how your leg looks. It determines the length and shape. But how you take care of them will determine how the length and shape looks.

To achieve sexy legs, the first thing is to keep your diet healthy and your exercise challenging. Dance, point barre, bootcamp workouts, kickboxing, and running all strengthen and tone the legs. They also help keep your weight down, which is going to improve your appearance overall. That’s because no matter how toned you are, if you carry extra weight, no one will know. So focus on your diet and exercise.

If you still aren’t happy with your legs, talk to a plastic surgeon about liposuction. It is still the go-to surgical procedure to get rid of large thighs. However, keep in mind that while it may make the leg leaner, it may also cause cellulite to show up more prominently.