The Cause of Dark Circles

Nothing can age you faster than dark circles, except maybe a run in with an ex you don’t want to see while you have dark circles.

I hate that.

Anyway, dark circles develop when blood pooling occurs in vessels located right next to the skin’s surface. Blood pooling like this occurs from:

  • allergies
  • fat deposits
  • sun exposure

Dehydration and sleep deprivation make the problem much worse. But if you are water-logged and well-rested and also wearing a tube of concealer to no avail, consider some other alternatives to getting rid of them.

Hyaluronic acid fillers help if fat deposits are causing the dark circles. They are injected into each eye area to plump it up, thus hiding the darkness.

Also, surgery on the lower eyelids helps because it tightens/removes the fat area where dark circles develop.