How Do You Stop Your Skin From Sagging

stop aging signAging is a natural process which happens over time.  As time keeps ticking, we begin to see our skin naturally  start to sag from the loss of collagen production.  We start to see areas of our face and body look droopy and wrinkled.

The good thing is that this happens to all of us, due to lifestyles choices such as over exposing ourselves in the sun, smoking and overall lack of taking care of our health.  There are natural  and cosmetic ways to help slow down this aging process so that you can look revitalized, younger and feel more confident.

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Several injectable fillers are available to restore fullness to the face and lips and to treat wrinkles, folds and scars. They are a safe way to renew youthfulness and vitality.  Anti aging dermatology consists of cosmetic fillers that vary in form and function, some lasting longer than others.

The Kopelson Clinic provides many options to choose from to reduce wrinkles including Radiesse and Sculptra and other injectable fillers as wrinkle treatment regimens.

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