How to Care For Skin After Botox

Botox smoothes lines and wrinkles to provide skin with a youthful, radiant glow. It lasts four to six months, with many wondering how they can prolong the effects of the injectable toxin. Botox is one of many anti-aging treatments available through the Beverly Hills botox specialists at The Kopelson Clinic.

Review the following tips courtesy of the skin specialists on how to prolong the effects of Botox as much as possible:

Healthy Diet

Keep skin looking healthy through a balanced, nutritious diet. Diet deficiencies result in inflammation and other problems that lead to less-than-perfect skin, so make any necessary changes. A diet featuring mainly whole foods is best, particularly when consumed raw. Raw fruit and vegetables, for example, contain more nutrients than their cooked counterparts. A deprivation diet, in comparison, usually increases how quickly skin sags.

Antioxidant Intake

Increase antioxidant intake to help skin fight free radicals and UV rays. Damaged skin cells accelerate the aging process and result in issues such as undereye bags, dry skin, dull skin, and lines/wrinkles. Consume antioxidants in the form of berries, such as blueberries and strawberries, with blueberries featuring a higher antioxidant count than any other food. Other antioxidant sources include black beans, artichokes, pecans, gala apples, and prunes among many others.

Calcium Intake

Consume more foods containing calcium to help slow the aging process and preserve newly-Botoxed skin. You may also take calcium in supplement form. Calcium is essential to bone health, with healthy bones contributing to skin tautness.


Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated and supple. Hydration is a key piece in the anti-aging puzzle, as dehydrated flesh looks dry, dull, and wrinkled beyond its years.

Additional tips for maintaining Botox include daily moisturizing, as this is another source for hydration skin desperately needs.

Discuss these and other aftercare tips with the skin specialists at The Kopelson Clinic and enjoy looking and feeling younger through this innovative, non-invasive procedure you may easily schedule on your lunch hour. Side effects are minimal, and recovery time practically non-existent.

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