How To Get Younger Looking Eyes

What is one owoman’s face with a diamond and scrollsf the first areas of the face to show the signs of aging?  The eyes, which can be anything from fine lines and wrinkles to more severe under-eye bags and hollow skin. Fillers may be a quick fix for the right patient but they don’t physically address structural changes to the eyes—only surgery can.

Under-eye problems, such as dark circles and hollows can be treated with injectable cosmetic fillers that can be injected along the bone to plump up the area. Fillers add volume, and just the right amount can help camouflage depressions and darkness.

Subtle fullness to the under-eye area shows immediately and should last about three to six months. There may be less darkness since fillers can disguise the look of shadowing by reflecting light from the under-eye area differently.

Your eyes will look five to 10 years younger, which will make the face as a whole appear younger, too. Even though the results are long-lasting, the eyes will continue to age so you may need to have the procedure done again later on in life.

The Kopelson Clinic provides many options to choose from to reduce wrinkles including Pearl™ resurfacing laser, injectable cosmetic fillers, Botox® and other cosmetic wrinkle treatment regimens.

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