How To Handle Your Fair Skin With Care

renewHaving fair skin can be challenging for several reasons. It is usually the first to show the signs of aging, typically as early as your late 20’s.  Fair skin is know to be thinner and to have less melanin, which makes sun related aging more problematic.

If you are experiencing age related issues, you may want to take a look at photo rejuvenation.  The IPL photo rejuvenation treatment will gradually and safely improve the skin’s tone and texture with no downtime.

Read this article “Learn to Face Your Fair Skin” to learn about the characteristics of fair skin. This will give you information to help you determine in you have fair skin.

The most powerful and versatile IPL photofacial machine is available at The Kopelson Clinic, where Dr. Kopelson has expertly performed photofacial treatment for many years and regularly recommends IPL photofacial rejuvenation for healthy, revitalized skin.

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