What Are Skin Tags And How To Treat Them

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A skin tag is a small tag of skin which may have a peduncle (stalk), that looks like a small piece of hanging skin.

They can appear on any part of the body’s skin, but typically exist in areas where skin may rub against skin, such as the:

[checklist icon=”fa-times-circle” iconcolor=”” circle=”” circlecolor=”#65c2f0″ size=”small” class=”” id=””][li_item icon=”fa-times-circle-o”]Eyelids[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-times-circle-o”]Armpits[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-times-circle-o”]Under the breasts[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-times-circle-o”]Groin[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-times-circle-o”]Upper chest[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-times-circle-o”]Neck[/li_item][/checklist]

Skin tags are invariably benign – non cancerous – tumors of the skin. They can become irritated when repeatedly rubbed or scratched.  Very large skin tags may burst under pressure.

People are more susceptible to tags, due to being overweight, heredity or unknown reasons. People with diabetes and pregnant women tend to be more prone to skin tags. Dermatologists in Beverly Hills treat skin tags on males and females equally.

As skin tags more commonly occur in skin creases or fold, it is believed they are mainly caused by skin rubbing against skin. What causes skin tags? Skin tags are very common and generally occur after midlife. They are said to be caused by bunches of collagen and blood vessels which are trapped inside thicker bits of skin.

As skin tags are usually harmless, people have them removed for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. Sometimes large ones, especially in areas where they may rub against something, such as clothing, jewelry or skin, may be removed because the area becomes frequently irritated. An individual may have a large skin tag removed from his face or under her arms in order to make shaving easier.

So how do you treat skin tags?   There are a few different procedures which may be used to remove skin tags:

[checklist icon=”fa-times-circle” iconcolor=”” circle=”” circlecolor=”#65c2f0″ size=”small” class=”” id=””][li_item icon=”fa-times-circle-o”]Cauterization – the skin tag is burned off using electrolysis (heat is used to remove them)[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-times-circle-o”]Cryosurgery – the skin tag is frozen off using a probe containing liquid nitrogen[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-times-circle-o”]Ligation – the blood supply to the skin tag is interrupted[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-times-circle-o”]Excision – the skin tag is removed with a scalpel (it is cut out)[/li_item][/checklist]

These procedures should be performed only by a Beverly Hills dermatologist.   The Kopelson Clinic can easily and painlessly remove skin tags without scar formation.

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