How To Select The Right Sunscreen


Shopping for sunscreen can be a challenge because every brand markets their ingredients and protection as the best.  It seems impossible to know that whether or not, you are getting the best product to protect your skin.

Read this article which helps clear up the confusion for you:  How To Select The Best Sunscreen.

The goal of everyone at The Kopelson Clinic, Inc. is to promote health and youth to the body’s largest organ… the skin.

Commonly, people with fair skin are more extensively affected; however, those who tan easily or have naturally dark skin have many brown spots as well.  Incorrectly referred to as age or liver spots, brown spots can appear on any area of sun-exposed skin but are most often seen on the face, neck and the backs of the hands and forearms.  If you experience any of these conditions, a Beverly Hills dermatologist can help you get rid of them.

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