Laser Hair Removal Gives Results

As a patient, Female legs against a pastel background with blurred lightsyou are considering making an important investment into your appearance. It is crucial that you are aware that not all lasers are the same and some treatment programs are more extensive than others. Also, some skin types can be tricky if not dangerous when using lasers. At the Kopelson Clinic, we will determine which laser is best and safest for you. We stress that we do have lasers that can be used on all skin types and colors.

Dr. Kopelson and his staff are highly skilled and experienced with all of the lasers at the Kopelson Clinic. You can feel confident knowing that you will receive the highest level of care and that your treatment will be individualized for your specific situation.

Read what Ann had to say about her experience with our service……….

I bought the laser hair treatment package from Groupon. The best Groupon I purchased to date. I waited a bit before I booked my appointment and the receptionist couldn’t get me in until  2 1/2 months later. No problem. My fault for waiting so long to book it. 
They were very helpful in telling me what kind of laser they use. I am Latin with dark thick hair that usually grows within a couple of hours. The receptionist informed me that they have a laser for darker skin. Happy about that but still skeptical about laser treatments. I did the procedure when it fist came out and the results were not up to par. 15yrs later and I am ecstatic  about laser hair removal. A firm believer. 

I showed up to my appointment a couple of minutes earlier only to find a very pleasant receptionist with a smile. She told me to fill out some papers and take a seat. A couple of minutes later I was in a room waiting for Grace. She explained the process and asked me if I had questions. She put me at ease and took her time explaining everything that I asked. Grace also explained what to expect after. Much appreciated. The laser is less painful than what is was 15yrs a go. A couple of spots hurt more than others, but not unmanageable. 
The whole process took less than 30 min. 

I was such a skeptic before about laser hair removal, but now I am hooked. I am waiting in the office for my second appointtment as I am typing this review. I am SO happy with the outcome. One treatment and I see such a HUGE difference. It’s shocking. Really shocking. I am so happy.
I love the office. It’s clean and people that work here have a lovely disposition. I am a huge fan. I wish they had more Groupons! I would get everything done. I just can’t afford it right now. So far though I’ve referred 3 of my friends. I am truly happy with the customer service and professionalism at this place. A+
You can not go wrong!!!!

The Kopelson Clinic, Inc. is a comprehensive Beverly Hills cosmetic laser center providing full service, state-of-the-art skin regeneration in a medical setting.

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