How do your mother’s genes affect the aging process for you?

It is afacial picturemazing how the human genes work; you can never tell what kind of genetic combination you will get when you combine the genes of a man and a woman. For instance, you may have the same hair color your dad has, but you inherited the same color eyes as your mother. There are so many things that remain hidden in the human DNA, and research studies have just uncovered a strange fact that links the rate at which people age from a certain gene they inherited from their mothers.

As people get older, the signs of aging become even more prominent. But did you know these signs can appear early on or later in your life depending on the genes you inherited from your mother? Studies have shown that the signs of aging are usually caused by the effects of the environment on the human body, but recent research have found out it can also be a product of the genetic materials that people got from their mothers. Today cosmetic dermatologists provide many options to choose from to reduce wrinkles, acne and other signs of aging.  Today there are cosmetic treatments including injectable cosmetic fillers, Botox® and other cosmetic wrinkle treatment regimens.

The damage in these cells are mostly concentrated on the mitochondrion in the cells; this is the part of the cells in the body that converts the nutrients you receive from the foods you eat into usable energy. These mitochondria contain their own sets of DNA, and this is what gets passed down from mother to child.

The mystery here is that the mitochondrial DNA is always inherited from a person’s mother, never from the father. So if your mother has damaged DNA, then you will surely have it as well. This is the conclusion scientists have come up with when they bred mice with varying degrees of DNA damage, and then measured the rate by which they are aging by comparing their weight, fertility, and other factors.

Even though scientists discovered that the aging process is predetermined by the genes you inherited from your mother, it does not necessarily mean that changing to a healthier lifestyle will not do any good. Beverly Hills dermatologists say that if you do not take care of your body like you are supposed to, the signs of aging will still manifest on your body at an early stage in your life.

So until such time that science has discovered a way to fix damaged DNA, you still need to take care of your body by eating right, getting plenty of exercise, and avoiding any substances that can do more harm than good to your body.

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