Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Is your makeup routine making you look older? Clothing isn’t the only thing you put on that can cause you to look older than your years–what you put on your face counts too. Check out a few of the most common makeup mistakes that make you appear older, courtesy of the best dermatologists in Beverly Hills:


Heavy Foundation

Thick foundation can easily settle into lines and wrinkles and make you look old. Rather than going for “pancake” makeup, try tinted moisturizers with SPF, or sheer foundations. Use moisturizer and primer before applying, and soak up excess foundation in wrinkles with a makeup sponge. As for concealer, use it to deal with dark spots and under-eye circles, not as a base. It’s way too thick for that!


No Foundation

On the flip side, skipping foundation altogether is another beauty mistake that ages you. Skin that’s makeup free but ruddy and dry does not make you look youthful. Remember to keep skin hydrated from the inside out by drinking lots of water and use dewy foundations to even skin tone.


Heavy Powder

A way to maintain a fresh, youthful look is to steer clear of finishing powders. Such powders settle into lines and wrinkles and give you that “I fell into a sack of flour” look. Not good! Maintain your glow by avoiding powders. If you still get “shiny” as the day goes on, use blotting papers to soak up excess oil.


Poorly-Applied Blush

Blush may look stunning on the apples of cheeks of young women, but it tends to make cheeks look saggy when applied on older women. This doesn’t mean you have to forgo blush, rather apply the stuff on the highest point of cheekbones. Neutral rose and pinkish hues are best, as they give you a naturally-flushed look, while deeper colors tend to look garish. Cream blushes are also better than powder options as they are less likely to settle into lines.


Dark Lipstick

Again, it may look great on the young, but dark lipstick has the power to instantly age older women. Opt for sheer glosses and neutral colors instead and note how you look years younger.


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