What is Rosacea?

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a benign facial skin disorder believed to affect about 16 million Americans, many of whom don’t realize they have it. A common skin issue, it affects those over 30 and results in cheek, nose, forehead, and chin redness. Small bumps on the red parts of the face may also appear. Red bumps may form around red sore eyes as well. Let’s take a deeper look at this skin problem, as well as treatments available at the offices of the best dermatologists in West Hollywood:


The exact cause of rosacea remains unknown. Health experts believe it stems from a combination of issues. These include immune system deficiencies, facial blood vessel problems and nervous system disorders. Studies concerning the genetics of rosacea raise the possibility of heredity as a possible cause. This common skin problem causes blood vessels just below skin’s surface to dilate and become visible through the flesh.

Rosacea is often misconstrued to be the result of alcohol abuse.  It is not. Most commonly, it affects fair-skinned individuals who blush easily. While alcohol is not a cause of rosacea, it can exacerbate the  symptoms.

Common Triggers

Triggers that tend to worsen rosacea include stress, spicy foods, sun and wind exposure, exercise, hot weather, hot baths, certain skin care products, alcohol, indoor heat, cold weather, certain makeup products, medical conditions, and medications.

Treatment Options

A variety of treatments for rosacea are available including cosmetic laser surgery, medication, and personalized skin care regimens. Treatment depends on the severity of the individual’s condition. Medications such as topical and oral antibiotics may be used but these do not reduce the red dilated blood vessels or the background redness.  For these symptoms, cosmetic surgery and more specifically cosmetic laser surgery are necessary.

Cosmetic laser surgery is directed either at the redness or specifically at the condition’s bacterial component. The laser experts at The Kopelson Clinic may use one of several laser procedures or a combination thereof.  Examples of lasers procedures used to treat rosacea include Pulsed Dye Laser or RegenLite Treatments and Photodynamic Therapy.

To learn more about cosmetic laser surgery and other rosacea treatments available through the best dermatologists in West Hollywood, please contact The Kopelson Clinic today.