More Than The Face: Surprising Areas For Botox Treatment

Most know by now that Botox applications are not limited to the face. The injectable toxin is used for a variety of purposes in addition to smoothing facial lines and wrinkles, including treatment of migraines and excess sweating. However, there may be a few areas of the body applicable to Botox application you may not know about. Check out these injection sites courtesy of the Beverly Hills Botox specialists at The Kopelson Clinic:

Hands And Feet

Botox as excess sweating treatment includes the hands and feet as well as the armpits. The toxin is injected into the fingertips and soles of feet to block chemical signals from nerves telling sweat glands to start working. The procedure requires as much as 50 to 100 injections to eradicate the problem for four to six months.


The injectable toxin is applied to the neck to treat the banding issue that comes with age. Botox is recommended over a neck lift, as it’s a non-invasive way to smooth and tighten this area of the body. Botox is injected into the platysmal muscle to create this effect.


Excess perspiration in the groin, buttocks, and perineal area is solved with Botox. It’s considered a fantastic treatment for those who sweat along their pant crease lines.


If sweating in the scalp is a serious issue, Botox provides an answer. It’s a way to lengthen the duration of a blowout, with most patients not requesting treatment over their entire scalp. As with hands and feet, Botox for the scalp requires 150 to 200 injections to treat the whole area.


Botox applications may extend to weight loss. The injectable toxin is believed to help obese people lose weight by blocking a nerve response for hunger. More research is required to ensure the toxin’s viability as a weight loss treatment, as some doctors say Botox in the stomach results in bloating, breathing issues, vomiting, and digestive problems.

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